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Raging Sage Coffee Roasters is a family-owned business in Tucson, Arizona. The cafe / roasting business was opened in 1998 by Roger and Julie Sliker and their two daughters, and has become a citywide destination for coffee and tea lovers throughout Tucson.

Our goal was to create a business that sells a sustainable product offered in a warm, welcoming space that fosters community interaction. Our selection of coffee is varied, and our guidelines for selecting beans has been central since the beginning. It is our belief that coffee grown in a environmentally responsible way, that protects birds from losing their habitat (shade grown), and protects the health of it's farm workers is not a choice, but a responsibility. We are continually searching for Arabica green beans that meet these goals and also provide us with an uncompromising product.

Located at Grant and Campbell, Raging Sage has been a stronghold in the Campbell Avenue community. We were central in the creation of the Campbell Avenue Business Partnership (CABP), and brought together businesses up and down Campbell Avenue, creating an association with common goals and a unified voice. Roger also serves on Tucson city committees shaping issues vital to Campbell Avenue residents and businesses, such as transportation, signage, and the development of green spaces. It is this cohesive idea of being responsible to Tucson's environment and community, and serving a product that is grown with as little impact on the environment that has made Raging Sage a respected business not only for it's excellent, award-winning coffee, but for it's unique business perspective that shapes our organization. The Raging Sage community is extensive, loyal, and attracts individuals with interests in Arts, Music, Education and Politics.


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